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Honkavaara, E., Markelin, L., Arbiol, R., Martinez, L., 2013. Radiometric Aspects of Digital Photogrammetric Images
Kaartinen, H., Hyyppä, J., Kukko, A., Lehtomäki, M., Jaakkola, A., Vosselman, G., Elberink, S.O., Rutzinger, M., Pu, S., Vaaja, M., 2013. Mobile Mapping - Road Environment Mapping using Mobile Laser Scanning
Report of EuroSDR projects, 101 pages. Frankfurt a.M. 2013

61. Online ; ORDER
Fritsch, D., Pfeifer, N. & Franzen, M., 2012. Proceedings of the EuroSDR workshop on 'High Density Image Matching for DSM Computation' held from 16th to 17th January 2012 in Vienna, Austria

Höhle, J. & Potuckova, M., 2011. Assessment of the Quality of Digital Terrain Models
Report of EuroSDR project, 85 pages. Frankfurt a.M. 2011 

Ronholm, P., 2011. Registration Quality - Towards Integration of Laser Scanning and Photogrammetry
Vanden Berghe, I., Crompvoets, J., de Vries, W. & Stoter, J., 2011. Atlas of INSPIRE Implementation Methods
Report of EuroSDR projects, 298 pages. Frankfurt a.M. 2011

Stoter, J., 2010. State-of-the-Art of Automated Generalisation in Commercial Software
Grenzdörffer, G., 2010. Medium Format Cameras
Report of EuroSDR projects, 270 pages. Frankfurt a.M. 2010

57. Online ; ORDER
Streilein, A. & Kellenberger, T. (eds.), 2010. Proceedings of the EuroSDR Workshop 'Crowd Sourcing for Updating National Databases' held from 20th to 21st August 2009 in Wabern, Switzerland.
Colomina, I., Skaloud, J. & Cramer, M. (eds.), 2010. Proceedings of the joint EuroSDR/ISPRS 'International Calibration and Orientation Workshop EuroCOW 2010' held from 10th to 12th February 2010 in Castelldefels, Spain.
Nebiker, S., Bleisch, S. & Gülch, E. (eds.), 2010. Final Report of the EuroSDR Project 'Virtual Globes'.
Frankfurt a.M. 2008.

Champion, N., 2009. Detection of Unregistered Buildings for Updating 2D Databases
Everaerts, J., 2009. NEWPLATFORMS - Unconventional Platforms (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) for Remote Sensing
102 pages. Frankfurt a.M. 2009.

Cramer, M., 2009. Digital Camera Calibration - report of EuroSDR project. 262 pages. Frankfurt a.M. 2009.

54. Online ; ORDER
Kolbe, T.H. (ed.), 2008. Final report on the EuroSDR CityGML Project.
Patrucco, R. & Murray, K. (eds.), 2008. Proceedings of the EuroSDR/EuroGeographics workshop 'Production Partnership Management' held from 7th to 9th November 2007 in Southampton, UK.
Colomina, I. & Hernández, E. (eds.), 2008. Proceedings of the Institut de Geomàtica / EuroSDR 'International Calibration and Orientation Workshop EuroCOW 2008' held from 30th January to 1st February 2008 in Castelldefels, Spain.
Heipke, C. & Sester, M. (eds.), 2008. Proceedings of the ISPRS / EuroSDR Workshop 'Geosensor Networks' held from 20th to 22nd February 2008 in Hannover, Germany.
Frankfurt a.M. 2008.

Kaartinen, H. & Hyyppä, J., 2008. Tree Extraction - report of EuroSDR project. 60 pages. Frankfurt a.M. 2008.

52. Online ; ORDER
Murray, K. ed. , 2007. Proceedings of the International Workshop: ”Land and Marine Information Integration”, Malahide, Dublin, Ireland. March 2007.

Höhle, J. & Potuckova, M., 2006. The EuroSDR Test "Checking and Improving of Digital Terrain Models"
Skaloud, J., 2006. Reliability of Direct Georeferencing, Phase 1: An Overview of the Current Approaches and Possibilities
Legat, K., Skaloud, J. and Schmidt, R., 2006. Reliability of Direct Georeferencing, Phase 2: A Case Study on Practical Problems and Solutions. Frankfurt a.M. 2006.

Kaartinen, H. & Hyyppä, J., 2006. Evaluation of Building Extraction Report.
Steinnocher, K. & Kressler, F. 2006. Change Detection Report.
Bellmann, A. & Hellwich, O., 2006. Sensor and Data Fusion Contest: Information for Mapping from Airborne SAR and Optical Imagery (Phase I Report).
Mayer, H.; Baltsavias, E. and Bacher, U., 2006. Automated Extraction, Refinement, and Update of Road Databases from Imagery and Other Data Report. Frankfurt a.M. 2006.

49. Online ; ORDER
Roensdorf, C. , 2006. Proceedings of EuroSDR Workshop: ”PAI2: Achieving Geometric Interoperability of Spatial Data”, Munich, Germany (June 2005),
Kolbe, T. & Gröger, G., 2006. ”Next Generation 3D City Models”, Bonn, Germany (June 2005)
Woodsford, P., 2006. ”Feature/Object Data Models”, Munich, Germany (April 2006). Frankfurt a.M. 2006.

48. Online ; ORDER
Bray, C. & Woodsford, P. (eds.) 2005. Proceedings of EuroSDR Workshops:
"NMCA's and the Internet II"" - Electronic Delivery and Feature Serving (23rd-25th February 2005, Frankfurt, Germany).
Ontologies & Schema Translation Services (15th-16th April 2004, Marne-La-Vallee, Paris).
Positional Accuracy Improvement: Impacts of improving the positional accuracy of GI databases (5th-7th May 2004, Dublin). Frankfurt a.M. 2005.

Koua, E. & Woodsford, P., 2004. Proceedings of EuroSDR Workshop 'Visualisation and Rendering'. Frankfurt a.M. 2004.

Heipke, C., Kuittinen, R. and Nagel, G., 2003. From OEEPE to EuroSDR: 50 years of European Spatial Data Research and beyond. Seminar of Honour. Frankfurt a.M. 2003.

Murray, K., 2003. OEEPE Workshop on Next Generation Spatial Database - 2005.
Altan, O. & Tastan, H., Eds., OEEPE/ISPRS Joint Workshop on Spatial Data Quality Management. Frankfurt a.M. 2003.

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44. PDF
Holland, D., Guilford, B. and Murray, K. : Topographic Mapping from High Resolution Space Sensors - Frankfurt a.M. 2002.

43. PDF
Heipke, C., Jacobsen, K. and Wegmann, H.: Integrated Sensor Orientation - Test Report and Workshop Proceedings - Frankfurt a.M. 2002.

42. PDF
Heipke, C., Sester, M. and Willrich, F.: Joint OEEPE/ISPRS Workshop - from 2D to 3D - Establishment and Maintenance of National Core Geospatial Databases.
Woodsford, P. (ed.): OEEPE Workshop – Use of XML/GML, Frankfurt a.M. 2002.

41. PDF
Radwan, M., Onchaga, R. and Morales, J.: A Structural Approach to the Management and Optimization of Geoinformation Processes - Frankfurt a.M. 2001.

40. PDF
Torlegård, K.; Nelson, J.: OEEPE Workshop on Airborne Laserscanning and Interferometric SAR for Detailed Digital Elevation Models - Frankfurt a.M. 2001.

39. PDF
Ruas, A.: Automatic Generalisation Project: Learning Process from Interactive Generalisation - Frankfurt a.M. 2001.

38. PDF
Gower, R.: Proceedings of the OEEPE Workshop on National Mapping Agencies and the Internet.
Flotron, A.; Kölbl, O.: Precision Terrain Models for Civil Engineering, Frankfurt a.M. 2000.

37. PDF
Kölbl, O. (ed.): Proceedings of the OEEPE Workshop on Automation in Digital Photogrammetric Production - Frankfurt a.M. 1999.

36. PDF
Kirby, R.P.: Revision Measurement of Large Scale Topographic Data.
Höhle, J.: Automatic Orientation of Aerial Images on Database Information.
Dequal, S.; Koen, L.A.; Rinaudo, F.: Comparison of National Guidelines for Technical and Cadastral Mapping in Europe (“Ferrara Test”) Frankfurt a.M. 1999.

Fuchs, C.; Gülch, E.; Förstner, W.: OEEPE Survey on 3D-city models.
Heipke, C.; Eder, K.: Performance of Tie-Point Extraction in Automatic Aerial Triangulation, Frankfurt a.M. 1998.

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Ducher, G.: Test on Orthophoto and Stereo-Orthophoto Accuracy - Frankfurt a.M. 1991.

Ahokas, E.; Jaakkola, J.; Sotkas, P.: Interpretability of SPOT Data for General Mapping - Frankfurt a.M. 1990.

Drummond, J. (ed.): Automatic Digitizing - Frankfurt a.M. 1990.

Rollin, J; Dowman, I.J.: Map Compilation and Revision in Developing Areas - Test of Large Format Camera Imagery - Frankfurt a.M. 1988.

Kölbl, O.: Proceedings of the Workshop on Cadastral Renovation - Frankfurt a.M. 1988.

Eichhorn, G.: Summary of Replies to Questionnaire on Land Information Systems - Commission V - Land Information Systems - Frankfurt a.M. 1988.

Dowman, I.J.: Spacelab Metric Camera Experiment - Test of Image Accuracy - Frankfurt a.M. 1987.

Förstner, W.: Final Report on the Joint Test on Gross Error Detection of OEEPE and ISP WGIII/1. - Frankfurt a.M. 1986.

Commission E of the OEEPE: Influences of Reproduction Techniques on the Identification of Topographic Details on Orthophotomaps. - Frankfurt a.M. 1986.

Waldhäusl, P.: Results of the Vienna Test of OEEPE Commission C.
Kölbl, O.: Photogrammetric Versus Terrestrial Town Survey. - Frankfurt a.M. 1986.

Jaakkola, M.; Brindöpke, W.; Kölbl, O.; Noukka, P.: Optimal Emulsions for Large-Scale Mapping - Test of “Steinwedel” - Commission C of the OEEPE 1981-84. - Frankfurt a.M. 1985.

Thompson, C.N.: Test of Digitising Methods. - Frankfurt a.M. 1984.

Timmerman, J.; Roos, P.A.; Schürer, K.; Förstner, R.: On the Accuracy of Photogrammetric Measurements of Buildings - Report on the Results of the Test “Dordrecht”, Carried out by Commission C of the OEEPE. - Frankfurt a.M. 1982.

Spiess, E.: “Revision of 1:25,000 Topographic Maps by Photogrammetric Methods:. - Frankfurt a.M. 1985.

“25 années de l’OEEPE”.
Verlaine, R.: “25 années d’activité de l’OEEPE” - “25 Years of OEEPE (Summary)”
Baarda, W.: “Mathematical Models”. - Frankfurt a.M. 1979.

“Résultats complémentaires de l’essai d’Oberriet de l’OEEPE - Further Results of the Photogrammetric Tests of the Commission C of the OEEPE”.
Hárry, H.: “Mesure de points de terrain non signalisés dans le champ d’essai d’Oberriet - Measurements of Non-Signalized Points in the Test Field Oberriet (Abstract)”
Stickler, A.; Waldhäusl, P.: “Restitution graphique des points et des lignes non signalisés et leur comparaison avec des résultats de mesures sur le terrain dans le champ d’essai d’Oberriet - Graphical Plotting of Non-Signalized Points and Lines, and Comparison with Terrestrial Surveys in the Test Field Oberriet”
Förstner, R.: “Résultats complémentaires des transformations de coordonnées de l’essai d’Oberriet de la Commission C de l’OEEPE - Further Results from Co-ordinate Transformations of the Test Oberriet of Commission C of the OEEPE”
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“Proceedings of the OEEPE Symposium on Experimental Research on Accuracy of Aerial Triangulation (Results of Oberschwaben Tests)”
Ackermann, F.: “On Statistical investigation into the Accuracy of Aerial Triangulation. The Test Project Oberschwaben” - “Recherches statistiques sur la précision de l’aérotriangulation. Le champ d’essai Oberschwaben”
Belzner, H.: “The Planning. Establishing and Flying of the Test Field Oberschwaben”
Stark, E.: “Testblock Oberschwaben, Programme I. Results of Block Adjustment by Independent Models”
Ebner, H.: “Comparison of Different Methods of Block Adjustment”
Wiser, P. : “Propositions pour le traitement des erreurs non-accidentelles”
Camps, F.: “Résultats obtenus dans le cadre du projet Oberschwaben 2A”
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Cunietti, M.: “Emploi des blocs de bandes pour la cartographie à grande échelle - Résultats des recherches expérimentales organisées par la Commission B de l’OEEPE au cours de la période 1959-1966” - “Use of Strips Connected to Blocks for Large Scale Mapping - Results of Experimental Research Organized by Commission B of the OEEPE from 1959 through 1966” - Frankfurt a.M. 1968.

Neumaier, K.: “Essais d’interprétation de >>Bedford<< et de >>Waterbury<<. Rapport communétabli par les Centres de la Commission E de l’OEEPE ayant participé aux tests” - “The Interpretation Tests of >>Bedford<< and >>Waterbury<<. Common Report Established by all Participating Centres of Commission E of OEEPE”
“Essais de restitution >>Bloc Suisse<<. Rapport commun établi par les Centres de la Commission E de l’OEEPE ayant participé aux tests” - “Test >>Schweizer Block<<. Joint Report of all Centres of Commission E of OEEPE” - Frankfurt a.M. 1966.

Trombetti, C.: “Activité de la Commission A de l’OEEPE de 1960 à 1964”
Cunietti, M.: “Activité de la Commission B de l’OEEPE pendant la période septembre 1960 - janvier 1964”
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Neumaier, K.: “Rapport de la Commission E pour Lisbonne”
Weele, A.J. v.d.: “Report of Commission F.” - Frankfurt a.M. 1964."