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EuroSDR Workshop on High Density Image Matching for DSM Computation was completed successfully
Workshop webpage:

Workshop on PostGIS DBMS was completed successfully
Workshop webpage:

INSPIRE KEN & EuroSDR Schema Transformation Workshop

Venue: Paris, France
Dates: 8 - 9 October 2013
Workshop Webpage: 

The objective of the workshop is to make a state-of-play about (existing or projected) schema transformation tools, to help NMCA's to assess these tools and to help them to choose the most appropriate and possible, to provide background to disseminate knowledge about schema transformation at national level. The workshop is open to EuroGeographics and EuroSDR members and partners.

2nd EuroSDR Workshop on High Density Image Matching for DSM Computation
Venue: Vienna, Austria
Dates: 13 - 14 June 2013
Workshop Webpage:

The workshop goal is to identify the status and trends in high resolution image matching of aerial imagery and to give recommendations to developers from the users (NMCA) point of view as well as to EuroSDR for project steering. The 1st workshop, held in Vienna in February 2012, demonstrated the potential but also identified the lack of experience. As an outcome, a benchmark typical for NMCA production processes was set up.

Benchmarking of different approaches for the generation of high resolution digital surface models is necessary for NMCAs and developers alike, showing the strenghts and weakness of different approaches and the possibility for integration into a processing workflow.

 EuroSDR heritage working group kick-off: Preservation of the Geographical Production Process
Venue: Brussels, Belgium
Dates: 21 - 22 May 2013
Workshop Webpage:

Geographic data has been subject to archiving in the form of maps for centuries. While the preservation of paper maps is well understood and put into practice, knowledge on the historical production process and especially pre-digital production process in the 20th century as it was practiced by many National Mapping Agencies (NMA) is disappearing and has hardly been documented yet. The last witnesses of this era, people and objects, will be gone in just a few years.

We would like to join forces in Europe in order to turn this situation. That is why we organize for you a first kick-off workshop in Brussels, Belgium on the 21st (PM) and 22nd (AM) of May. Please enroll today (Deadline: May 8th). Best practices will be demonstrated and a concrete plan will need to be developed to preserve our European 20th century production processes. A roundtable for European NMA’s, academic institutions, museums, private companies, ICA-members, and other interested parties concerned with the preservation of the geographical production process and willing to put their experience and knowledge into a joined project. The initiative is taken by a consortium of the Ghent University, André Streilein (Swisstopo) and the National Geographic Institute in Belgium.


Workshop on Web cartography for National SDIs in conjunction with the AGILE conference on Geographic Information Science
Venue: Leuven, Belgium
Dates: 14 - 17 May 2013
Workshop Webpage:

This workshop  is organised under the auspices of EuroSDR (Commission 4 - Data Specifications), the ISPRS (WG II/2 - Multiscale n-dimensional Spatial Data Representations, Data Structures and Algorithms), and the ICA (Commission on Maps and the Internet).

Geospatial World Forum
Venue: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Dates: 13 - 16 May 2013
Workshop Webpage:

Geospatial World Forum is a premier global geospatial industry event aimed at connecting communities, knowledge sharing, business development and raising the industry profile. It creates a platform to bring forth thought leadership and showcase state-of-the-art technology and its utility in the world economy. The conference aims at enriching the geospatial ecosystem, which comprises of the geospatial technology providers, users, policy makers and the academia with market intelligence, latest technology knowledge, success stories and capacity building. It is a confluence of a variety of activities in the form of plenary, symposia, seminars, workshops, panel discussions, dialogue and exchange forums - covering the vast gamut of technology, application, policy, use cases from across the world.


Workshop CityGML in national mapping
Venue: Paris, France
Dates: 21st to 22nd of January 2013

This workshop will be jointly organised by EuroSDR, OGC and Geonovum. The objectives of the workshop are to discuss the benefits and barriers to the provision of 3D geospatial data and related services by NMA's and explore the relationship between 2D and 3D data. The workshop will also identify the potentials of the CityGML standard and define requirements for future developments of the standard

RPAS CivOps Conference
Venue: Brussels, Belgium
Dates: 4th and 5th of December 2012
Workshop Webpage:

This conference, organized under the auspices of UVS International, in cooperation with the Royal Military Academy, is being positioned as the European Civil RPAS Operators' Forum and endeavors to bring the international civil RPAS operators' community together. In this context, "operator" should be understood as: A person, organization or enterprise engaged in or offering to engage in an RPAS operation.

Third international FIG workshop on 3D Cadastres
Venue: Shenzhen, China
Dates: 25th to 26th October 2012
Workshop Webpage:

The third international FIG workshop on 3D Cadastres will be organized in the amazing city of Shenzhen, China. The deadline for submitting the abstracts is 15 June 2012 (via EasyChair ). Based on the review results, selected authors are invited to submit full papers for the workshop, which will be published in proceedings by FIG (both hard-copy and on-line). As the subtitle of the workshop indicates, the emphasis will be on 'Developments and Practices'. The workshop includes a technical visit tot the facilities of Shenzhen Municipality (Urban Planning, Land and Resources department)

Training in the use of NASA World Wind open source technology
Venue: Summerschool in Como, Italy
Dates: 19th to 21st September 2012
Workshop information: pdf document

ICA/EuroSDR Generalisation Workshop
Venue: Istanbul, Turkey
Dates: 13th to 14th September 2012
Workshop information: pdf document

This time the workshop will explore in particular new challenges and solutions in the domain of automated generalisation for on demand mapping and the changing context of map use. The presentations and discussion at the workshop will contribute to a book project of the ICA commission on Map Generalisation and Multiple Representation planned for the current working period.

Participation and attendance at the two day workshop requires submission of research papers or position papers. The workshop will assume reading of papers prior to the workshop, comprise short presentations, break out sessions, demonstrations, posters, open problems and discussions. Presentations will be of mixed duration, but relatively brief, with a focus on discussion groups and open problem solving.

Workshop on PostGIS DBMS
Venue: Ordnance Survey, Southampton, UK
Dates: 23rd tot 24th May 2012
Workshop Webpage:

The motivations for considering the adoption of PostgreSQL / PostGIS are both generic and GI specific:

  • The generally perceived benefits of Open Source in terms of cost saving and political acceptability
  • Economic benefits particularly in the Cloud Computing context and in providing generally accessible delivery mechanisms (where the pricing models of some mainstream database technologies are unfavorable)
  • The increasing maturity and capability of the GI functionality in PostGIS.
  • Increasing support for PostgreSQL / PostGIS by GIS software suppliers.

However the decision to change database technology is a very significant one and many issues have to be addressed and dealt with satisfactorily (lifetime cost, functionality, performance, scalability, reliability, relationship with wider plans to rationalise/enhance existing infrastructure….). Hence organisations contemplating such a course may have an interest in sharing experience and knowhow.

Workshop on Testing Geospatial Web Services - Scientific SDIs
Avignon, France
24th of April 2012
Workshop contact: Stephan Schmid ( This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
The workshop is continuing a series of workshops that has been succesfully held in conjunction with the last three AGILE conferences. This year the main topics of interoperability and testing of open-source and proprietary Geo Web Service and the Persistent SDI Testbed (PTB) are extented towards Scientific SDIs. Therewith, the question of what distinguishes Scientific SDI's from others and how such Scientific SDI's can be established in the European Community shall be addressed as an additional topic. The workshop aims to outline the state of the art and the technical and scientific issues related to Geo Web Services, its testing and Scientific SDI's and to discuss best practice examples. Furhter goals are the development of consistent testing strategies and the support of geospatial research in major EU programs, science and education.

Please find more information about the workshop on PTB,

EuroSDR archiving workhop
Venue: Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg, Ludwigsburg (near Stuttgart)
Dates: 15th to 16th March 2012
Workshop contact: Dr. Kai Naumann ( This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it )
The workshop at the Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg (Ludwigsburg near Stuttgart) will be held in order to discuss the findings of the EuroSDR working group with both communities. The workshop is thus open to archives and mapping agencies alike. Institutions already transferring Geographic Information to long term archives will have an opportunity to enhance discussion by presenting their methods and practices. 

Workshop on High Density Image Matching for DSM Computing
Venue: Federal Office of Metrology and Surveying (BEV), Vienna
Dates: 16th to 17th February 2012
Workshop Webpages:
Workshop goal is to identify status and trends in high resolution image matching of aerial imagery and to give recommandations to developers from the users (NMCA) point of view as well as to EuroSDR for project steering.
Benchmarking of different approaches for the generation of high resolution digital surface models is necessary for NMCAs and developers alike, showing the strengths and weakness of different approaches and the possibility for integration into a processing workflow. 

EuroCOW (European Calibration and Orientation Workshop) 2012
Venue: Castelldefels (20km south of downtown Barcelona), Spain
Dates: 8th to 10th February 2012
Workshop Webpages:
This biannual meeting intends to bring together the world experts, both from public and private sectors, to present and discuss the recent findings and developments on Sensor Calibration and Orientation. EuroCOW 2012 will be a highly specialized small forum to facilitate the circulation of useful and new information.
The organisers, aware of today’s high competitiveness in the area, are trying to set the conditions for a practical, informative and informal three-day meeting in a relaxed atmosphere, and expect to attract real experts with hands-on experience in the field.

Workshop:  Crowdsourcing in National Mapping - A project development workshop leading to internships
Venue:  University of Nottingham, UK
Dates:  19th to 20th January 2012
Workshop Website:
This workshops discusses the role of crowd-sourcing in the context of national mapping. The practically focussed workshop will start with scene-setting esentations on the rise of crowdsourced geographic information before inviting participants to group together to discuss the challenges of using crowd-sourced data in a national mapping context, and to develop short project plans. At least three projects will be funded as student internships in Summer 2012.

Workshop:  Second International Workshop on 3D Cadastres
Venue:  Delft, Netherlands
Dates:  16th to 18th November 2011
Workshop Website:
The main objective of the working group organising this workshop is to establish an operational framework for 3D Cadastres.  The operational aspect addresses the following issues:
A common understanding of the terms and issues involved.
A description of issues that have to be considered (and to what level) before whatever form of 3D Cadastres can be implemented.

Workshop:  PIA11 - Photogrammetric Image Analysis
Venue:  Munich, Germany
Dates:  5th to 7th October 2011
Workshop Website:
Automated extraction of objects from remotely sensed data is an important topic of research in Computer Vision, Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Geoinformation Science.  This joint conference of ISPRS working groups I/2, III/1, III/4, and III/5 held at Technische Universitat Munchen (TUM), discusses recent developments, the potential of various data sources, and future trends in automatic object extraction both with respect to sensors and processing techniques.  The focus of the conference lies on methodological research.

Workshop:  UAV-g 2011 - Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Geomatics
Venue:  Zurich, Switzerland
Dates:  14th to 16th September 2011
Workshop Website: 
This event was the first world-wide get-together of experts in the field of UAV in Geomatics.  Delegates could see how UAV systems perform in demonstrations related to applications in Geomatics and as data acquisition platforms. It presented evidence of the great potential of UAV systems in civil applications.
EuroSDR sponsored one of the practical demonstrations and supported two special sessions. 

Workshop: Laser Scanning Spatial Data Infrastructure ESF Exploratory Workshop - PESC - LESC
Venue:  Heidelberg, Germany 
Dates:  8th to 11th September 2011
Workshop Website:
This workshop aims at bringing together high-level, experienced and young researchers in the scientific fields of Geographical Information Science and Laser Scanning technology in order to explore new concepts of integrating laser scanning data in spatial data infrastructures. The Laser Scanning Spatial Data Infrastructure (LaSDI) demands for novel interdisciplinary strategies, incorporating the rapid technological and scientific development of the two research communities. This meeting will identify the core themes and research areas and initialize the roadmap to an European collaborative research agenda.
Convened by:  Bernhard Höfle (DE), Norbert Pfeifer (AT), Alexander Zipf (DE)

ISPRS Workshop 2011 - High Resolution Earth Imaging for Geospatial Information
Venue:  Hannover, Germany
Dates:  June 14th to 17th 2011
Workshop Website:
Hosted by Institut für Photogrammetrie und GeoInformation (IPI) of Leibniz Universität Hannover, this single-track workshop, addressing experts from research, government, and private industry, is organised by ISPRS WG I/4, III/4, IV/2, VII/2 and supported by ISPRS WG I/2, I/5, IV/3 and EuroSDR.

Workshop: Web Cartography
Venue:  Lund, Sweden
Dates:  5th and 6th May 2011
Workshop Website:
Today maps are consumed by the users mainly in digital form via laptops, mobile telephones and other kinds of devices.  Geograhic ifnormation is also made available as web services from different producers.  The expected outcome of the workshop is a better understanding of:
- Requirements and solutions today of the handling of web services from cartographic aspects
- Needs for further reserach and developments within this field and preliminary ideas on how to organise and strengthen the necessary R&D activities.

Workshop on Test-Bed Research: Testing Geospatial Web Services / Persistent Test-Bed (PTB)
Venue:  Utrecht, Netherlands
Date:  18th April 2011
The objective of the workhsop was to improve interoperability of open-source and proprietary Geo Web Service software compondents.  Presentations described the state fo the art in terms of the technology and identiied scientific issues related to the field of Geo Web Servicees. Further topics of interest included the development of testing strategies/procedures and the support of geospatial research in majoy EU programs and education.
The Workshop was held in conjunction with and supported by, The AGILE/EuroSDR/OGC Persistent SDI Test-Bed for Research adn TEaching in Europe (PTB).

Workshop: JURSE 2011
Venue: Munich, Germany
Dates: 11th to 13th April 2011
Workshop Website:
EuroSDR was pleased to be a supporting sponsor for JURSE 2011 - Joint Urban Remote Sensing Event
JURSE 2011 was a unique forum for urban remote sensing with respect to the Information Technology and Geoscience community.

Title:   Geographic Data Archiving (Second Workshop)
Dates:  14th and 15th March 2011
Venue: Munich, Germany
Status:  Completed
Objectives:  To address technology aspects of digital archiving, to explore the effect of data dependencies on archiving and to look at the feasibility of developing  a geo profile for the Open Archiving Information System (OAIS) reference model
For a brief summary of the results of this workshop please click here
Proceedings:  to follow

Title:  3D Digital Landscape Models - From 2D Cartographic to 3D Topographic data - Second Workshop
Dates: 29th and 30th November 2010
Venue: Munich, Germany
Status: Completed
Objectives: This second workshop continued the momentum generated at a first workshop in Dublin in March and was focussed along three lines:
3D Landscape Models
3D City Models
3D Data Structures/3D Databases/3D Standards.

Proceedings: To follow

Title:  Geographic Data Archiving  - First Workshop
Dates: 17 and 18 November 2010
Venue: Southampton, UK
Status: Completed
Objectives: To exchange experience and identify the main 3 topic areas that NMAs would like to see addressed in a best practise paper. Starting off from the vision of each participant of how an Archiving System will look like in 2013, professional facilitators are used to bring out the scope of the problem and narrow this down to sensible tasks that will allow this working group to produce the best possible guidance paper within a limited timeframe.
Proceedings: to follow

Title: Fifth International Workshop on 3D Geo Information
Dates: 3rd to 4th November 2010
Venue: Berlin, Germany
Status: Completed
Objectives: Jointly organised by EuroSDR, ISPRS WG IV/8, DGPF, and Berlin University of Technology, 3D GeoInfo 2010 brought together international state-of-the-art research, facilitating the dialogue on emerging topics in the field of 3D geo-information.
In recent years, research has focused on improving 3D data acquisition technology through remote sensing, photogrammetry, laser altimetry techniques (LiDAR), and visualization technology (3D CAD and Virtual Reality (VR) system) for 3D urban environments.
However, researchers still face many challenges today regarding the development of suitable data models representing topological relationships among 3D spatial objects in built environments.

Proceedings: To follow

Title: INSPIRE Atlas of implementation methods - third workshop
Dates: 22nd June 2010
Venue: Krakow, Poland (Pre-Conference Workshop of the INSPIRE conference)
Status: Completed
Objectives: The target groups of the workshops were:
SDI-practitioners wishing to share their experiences of SDI/INSPIRE-implementation with others
SDI-practitioners who did not yet start or have just commenced implementing SDIs and/or INSPIRE
Scientists interested in the development, utility and requirements of SDIs.
Proceedings: To follow

Title: 3D Digital Landscape Models - From 2D cartographic to 3D topographic data
Dates: 11th to 12th March, 2010
Venue: Dublin, Ireland
Status: Completed
Objectives: The generation of 3D landscape models (DLM) is an issue for national mapping agencies (NMA). This workshop will address how best to proceed from actual data to a DLM and assess the state of play in research and NMAs.

Title: Automated Change Detection for Updating National Databases
Dates: 4th to 5th March 2010
Venue: Ordnance Survey HQ, Southampton, UK
Status: Completed - Proceedings to be published in due course 
Website: Under preparation
Objectives: Address the following topics:
--Baseline the current state of automated change detection research
--Identify the common needs of NMCAs
--Highlight best practice, current technology or case studies of practical implementation
--Identify routes through to wider implementation
--Identify routes through to wider implementation
Report or ProceedingsProceedings

Title: EuroCOW 2010: the Calibration and Orientation Workshop
Dates: 10th to 12th February 2010
Venue: Institute of Geomatics, Castelldefels, Spain.
Status: Completed
Objectives: The EuroCOW is a biennial event organized by the Institute of Geomatics on behalf of the EuroSDR (European Spatial Data Research) Commission I and, for the 2010 edition, also on behalf of the ISPRS (International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing) Working Group 1.5: Integrated Systems for Sensor Georeferencing and Navigation.
The organizers, aware of the current high competitiveness in the area, are trying to set the conditions for a useful, informative and informal three-day meeting in a relaxed atmosphere, and expect to attract the real experts with hands-on experience on the subject. For this edition, the Workshop topics are:
- Orientation and calibration of sensors
- Orientation and calibration of multi-sensor systems
- Standardization, certification and operational performance
- GNSS navigation and positioning
- INS/GNSS positioning, velocity and attitude determination
- Sensor navigation and orientation in difficult environments
Report or Proceedings: To follow

Title: Second EuroSDR Workshop on INSPIRE Atlas of Implementation methods
Dates: 14th to 15th January 2010
Venue: Brussels, Belgium
Status: Completed
Objectives: To address such questions as:
--Which methods are appropriate to implement INSPIRE successfully on the basis of the identified common requirements and experiences?
--How to update and maintain the INSPIRE Atlas of implementation methods?
--What are the key issues to be placed on the research agenda for successful implementation of SDIs/INSPIRE?
Report or Proceedings: To follow 

Title: EuroMap3S - European Mapping and Satellite Solutions Seminar
Dates: 8th – 9th October 2009
Venue: Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES), Paris
Status: Completed
Information: Presentations

Objectives: This EuroSDR-supported workshop will cover Pleiades, Cosmo Skymed and Orfeo Earth Observation systems and examine the future steps and needs of European organisations.
Sessions will include
---Current experiences of Mapping Organisations about using satellite imagery
---Introducing the Pleiades Satellite
---The Orfeo Programme
---Future User Needs
---Use and further development of National and European Earth Observation Programmes.
Report or Proceedings: To follow

Title: Workshop on National 3D Geoportals - Research Issues, Applications, Quality and Legal Issues
Dates: Monday, 21st September, 2009
Venue: FHNW University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland, Muttenz / Basel (Switzerland)
Status: Completed
Objectives: This workshop, organised by EuroSDR and the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland FHNW, deals with Virtual 3D Globes, emerging 3D National Geospatial Data Infrastructures (3D NGDIs) and existing and future National 3D Geoportals. The workshop will bring together experts and interested members from organisations planning to establish 3D Geoportals, from industry and universities developing and researching today's and tomorrow's Virtual 3D Globe technologies and from existing and potential users of 3D Geoportals.
Report or Proceedings: To follow

Title: Crowd sourcing for updating national databases - a first workshop
Dates: 20th and 21st August 2009
Venue: Federal Office of Topography, swisstopo. Wabern, Switzerland
Status: Completed
Objectives: This workshop, organized by EuroSDR and the Swiss Federal Office of Topography swisstopo, deals with the use of Web 2.0 technologies and communities for the mutual use of user generated content in the framework of national databases. Current applications and data management processes will be shown. Experiences and expectations as well as current limitations and challenges will be discussed.
Workshop topics:
- Web 2.0 technologies and communities
- User acceptance
- Data management
- Quality issues
- Legal tasks
- Advantages and Challenges for NMCAs
At the first workshop afternoon participants from private sector, universities and government will give some presentations, further presentations are welcome. At a second workshop day the common topics and future research aspects will be worked out.
Report or Proceedings: DOWNLOAD

Title: AGILE/EuroSDR/OGC Persistent Testbed for Research and Teaching in Europe
Dates: 2nd June 2009
Venue: Hannover, Germany.
Status: Completed
Objectives: The goal of the AGILE/OGC/EuroSDR initiative is to develop a European interest to advance a persistent testbed (PTB) capability to improve availability of interoperability development, testing, and implementation resources in support of geospatial research and major EU programs. The workshop should keep the interested European GI Community informed about ongoing testbed activities and show how they could benefit from participating. Future strategies should be developed and discussed. The workshop should consist of:
Presentations about the PTB itself
Presentations and show cases of former activities and demonstrators
Presentations concerning best practices and/or preferrable technologies for developping testing facilities.
The presentations should be surrounded by (panel) discussions about future strategies and testbed advances.
The value for the whole (European) GI community: the testbed provides testing facilities for initiatives like INSPIRE or GEOSSgeneral support of testing interoperability 
Presentations: HERE 
Report: HERE

Title: INSPIRE Atlas of Implementation Methods
Dates: 29th to 30th April 2009
Venue: Brussels, Belgium.
Status: Completed
Objectives: Well-performing Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDIs) are not straightforward to implement due to many interdependent aspects (such as legal, economic, technological, organisational, and public administrative). In order to meet the INSPIRE directive, it is important for EU member states to know the key elements that lead to successful SDI implementation. In addition, the key areas for further research should be identified as soon as possible, to give the scientific community the possibility to carry out research supportive of the INSPIRE implementations. The ‘INSPIRE atlas of implementation methods’ meets these issues, by providing firstly a structured overview of INSPIRE implementation methods across the member states with references to the key documents in every state. Studying the experiences of the INSPIRE implementations is an important part of this inventory. Secondly, the atlas will define a research agenda for INSPIRE related topics. To accomplish this, two workshops will be organised: this one and another one in autumn 2009. The project is complementary to other related projects such as ESDIN, eSDInet+ and INSPIRE State of Play, since it is explicitly a research project.
Report or Proceedings:

Title: EuroSDR & ISPRS Hannover Workshop 2008 - Geosensor Networks
Dates: 20th to 22nd February 2008
Venue: Hannover, Germany.
Status: Completed: Proceedings published as part of Official EuroSDR Publication No.54
Objectives: This single-track focussed workshop concentrated on recent developments and future directions of Geosensor Networks which relate both to geodetic and non-geodetic applications. The workshop aimed at bringing together researchers, technology developers and users of the different involved disciplines and thus at providing a forum for fruitful discussions.
Report or Proceedings: geosensor_networks_report.pdf

Title: EuroSDR, EuroGeographics and AGI (with support from FIG) Workshop on Production Partnership Management
Dates: 7th to 9th November 2007
Venue: Southampton, United Kingdom
Status: Completed: Proceedings published as part of Official EuroSDR Publication No.54
Objectives: to develop a new Standard for the management of the production of Geographic Information (termed Production Partnership Management).
Report or Proceedings: partnership_report.pdf

Title: IHO and EuroSDR Workshop on Land and Marine information Integration
Dates: 21st to 23rd March 2007
Venue: Malahide, Ireland
Status: Completed: Proceedings published as Official EuroSDR Publication No.52
Objectives: The aims of this workshop were to determine and document the state of the art and progress at national level and across Europe in integrating maintained national land and marine databases, specifically by exploring: the drivers for integration at national level; current status; issues that require attention; examples of best practice; future steps.
Report or Proceedings: