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EduServ11 - EuroSDR's series of e-learning courses has been decided.  Courses in 2013 will cover:
High Density Image Matching (hosted by Stuttgart University)
Integrated use of airborne laser scanning and aerial photogrammetry (hosted by Aalto University)
Radiometric performance of Digital Photogrammetric Cameras and Laser Scanners (hosted by Finnish Geodetic Institute and Vienna University of Technology)
Open Standards & Open Source WebMapping (hosted by ITC – University of Twente)

Follow THIS LINK to the EduServ11 Website.

EduServ is the annual series of short e-Learning courses from EuroSDR.
EduServ courses are followed over the Internet from any location, thereby allowing participants to update their knowledge with minimum disruption.
Courses require about thirty hours of online study and are completed over a period of two weeks during Spring of each year. They are open to all but principally intended to transfer research outcomes and developments to practitioners in the GI production and education environments.
On average, three to four two-week courses are offered each year, running consequtively.

The courses are preceded by a two-day workshop at a suitable location in Europe where participants can meet with each other and tutors, hear background presentations on the topics and receive all necessary course material and instruction.

To date courses have included:
3D Urban Modelling (IGN France, MATIS)
Geodetic Reference Systems (IGn France, LAREG)
Integrated Sensor Orientation (Leibniz University of Hannover)
Automatic Orientation of Aerial Images on Databases (Aalborg University)
Laserscanning and Airborne Interferometric SAR (ITC, Enschede)
Digital Cameras and Sensors (Ohio State University)
Co-ordinate Reference Systems and Transformations (Dublin Institute of Technology)
Positional Accuracy Improvements in GI Databases (Ordnance Survey GB; TU-Berlin; Dublin Institute of Technology)
Quality of Geospatial Data and Related Statistical Concepts (ITC, Enschede)
Quality Control of DTMs (Aalborg University)
Mapping with SAR (Technical University Berlin)
Laserscanning for 3D city models (Finnish Geodetic Institute)
Geometric performance of digital airborne cameras (Institute for Photogrammetry (ifp), Stuttgart University)
CityGML (Technical University Berlin and University of Gävle)
Schema matching, mapping and transformation for INSPIRE (University of Gävle)
Laserscanning for tree extraction (Finnish Geodetic Institute)
Assessment of the quality of Digital Terrain Models (Aalborg University and Charles University)
The INSPIRE Directive and its Implementing Rules (K.U.Leuven)
Geodetic Reference Systems (IGN France / LAREG)
3D Urban Modelling (IGN France / MATIS)