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Production Partnership Management

Southampton, UK, from 7th to 9th November 2007.

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Final Report now Available

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An International workshop was hosted, from 7th to 9th November 2007, by Ordnance Survey to develop a new Standard for the management of the production of Geographic Information (termed Production Partnership Management).

The workshop was supported by a broad body of organisations: EuroGeographics, EuroSDR, FIG and the Association of Geographic Information (UK). Attendance was good with participants travelling from as far as Spain in the west to India in the east and from Finland to the north and Malta to the south.

The workshop created much discussion and debate on applicability and scope. However by the end of the workshop it was accepted that the benefits demonstrated by Production Programme Management could be gained by both data providers and contractors across the industry. Ordnance Survey and its suppliers were able to demonstrate clear advantages over previous arrangements.

The outcome of the workshop was that the Production Partnership management document would be redrafted as a Technical Report suitable for consideration by the relevant ISO Technical Committee (TC211). This will be submitted for inclusion into the body of ISO documents supporting Geographic Information.

Discussion on the Question: How important is standardisation in this process?
Group 1a, Group 1b

Discussion on the Question: What are your experiences of GI data supply as a contractor, sub contractor or data custodian?
Group 2a, Group 2b

Discussion on the Question: What are the benefits that PPM can bring to your organisation
Group 3a, Group 3b

Panel discussions:
Issues; Way forward



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