Achieving Geometric Interoperability of Spatial Data (June 2005) International Workshop on Next Generation 3D City Models (June2005) Workshop on Feature/Object Data Models (April 2006)
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Publication No.49
EuroSDR is a network comprising delegates of GI organisations and institutes in Europe with a view to addressing Europe's spatial data research requirements

Collaborative research projects address the acquisition, management and delivery of spatial data and services

International workshops and courses, in collaboration with related organisations, address key issues in a timely and focused manner

Achieving Geometric Interoperability of Spatial Data

  • The EuroSDR workshop Achieving Geometric Interoperability of Spatial Data was held from 8-9 June 2005 in Munich. It examined how mapping data from different sources can be seamlessly merged, which was featured in the workshop subtitle "Shifting maps for better quality - solving PAI".
  • While many European mapping agencies and data providers are currently adjusting their mapping data to facilitate compatibility with GPS acquired data, the majority of geospatial data held by a diverse range of users remains unaltered. As a result the full utilization of these datasets is not being realized.
  • The issues involved with the Positional Accuracy Improvement (PAI) of spatial data throughout Europe and the United States wereinvestigated at the previous EuroSDR workshop-Impacts of Improving the Positional: Accuracy of GI Databases-in May 2004 in Malahide, Ireland. The objective of this workshop in Munich was to build on the results of the previous event and broaden the discussion from awareness-raising to solution creation.
  • A variety of technical solutions currently targeted at specific markets in different countries was presented in detailed and discussed along with the management and maintenance of interoperable datasets. This workshop documentations describes a a pool of suitable technical solutions as well as generic best practise guidance for successfully dealing with PAI to achieve geometric interoperability.
  • The event was organized by the EuroSDR supported by the State Surveying Agency of Bavaria, the Dublin Institute of Technology, Ordnance Survey of Great Britain as well as the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG).

International Workshop on Next Generation 3D City Models

  • 3D city models are an emerging field in geo-information science. The workshop presents innovative models and systems of the next generation, which are suitable for advanced applications like disaster management, environmental simulations, computer aided architectural design (CAAD), and regional planning,
  • The workshop is intended for researchers and practitioners in the fields of modeling, generation, and applications of 3D city models. It provides an international forum for the discussion and presentation of current problems and achievements regarding the development of the next generation 3D city models.

Workshop on Feature/Object Data Models


  • To understand the rationale and business benefits of feature/object data models
  • To evaluate current experience and establish current best practice/state of the art in design and implementation
  • To understand the current status and future plans for moving to feature/object data models
  • To identify outstanding research and development issues
  • To facilitate interoperability at the data model level
  • Target audience

  • Designers and implementers of data models in any organisation developing and implementing data/information strategies (e.g NMCA’s Local Authorities, Central Government, Utilities and similar or related organisations)
  • Business/market development staff
  • Related researchers and technology providers



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